Environmental Awareness for the Rehabilitation of our Tortured Habitat 

Earth Congress aims to popularize Global Environmental Activism, promote Pro-Green Mechanisms, and infuse in our culture a crusade to protect our ailing Mother Earth.

 berry rule


Earth Congress is an initiative to convene all Environmental Groups from all sectors in the community who are in accord on its objectives, aspirations, and determination of SAVING MOTHER EARTH AND MITIGATE THE ILL EFFECTS OF HUMAN INTERVENTION IN THE NATURAL WORLD.



7 Responses to “PROJECT BLUEBERRY”

  1. Davaohive Supports Project Blueberry: (Davao City)

  2. EMELY LUGATIMAN Supports PB: (Davao City)

  3. MILITIS LEX FRATERNITY Supports Project Blueberry
    Locationa: Cebu City, Philippines

  4. Davaohive Launches Project Blueberry at

    Be Part of Project Blueberry’s Earth Congress and be an advocate against Environmental Degradation!


  6. If each Pinoy would plant a tree . . . 20 years from now, 80 Million Trees can save us. – Davao Hive: Project Blueberry –

  7. Wood is now in great demand in rural areas.people use it as firewood and material in shelter.The best species to propagate are soft wood that discourage people to cut down.soft wood trees are designed for greeneries for sorroundings and not good for shelter.another plant that has cooling effect to the environment are the ornamental bamboos particularly the yellow one locally known as Marilaw.

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