Local and international Coffee Shops operating here in Davao.
In alphabetical order and only the classy, true coffee shops are listed.

1. 128 Ostrich Steak Hauz & Coffee Shop – Airport View Tower, Catitipan
2. 51 Coffee Shop – Victoria Plaza Mall
3. Agong Cafe – Duterte St.
4. Basti’s Brew – Victoria Plaza Mall
5. Basti’s Brew – Legazpi St.
6. Bigby’s Café – SM City
7. BluGre Café – Landco Corp. Tower
8. BluGre Café – Matina Town Square Mall
9. BluGre Café – SM City
10. Bo’s Coffee Club – SM City
11. Bo’s Coffee Club – Torres St.
12. Brew Crew’s Coffee House – Juan Luna St.
13. Brewedcasters Café – Car Park Building, G-Mall
14. Brewhaha – Davao
15. Bruegger’s Café – Autoshop, Bajada
16. Bryan’s Grill & Café – Obrero
17. Café 54 – Victoria Plaza Mall
18. Café Andessa – Cabantian Road
19. Café Barcellis – J.P. Laurel Avenue
20. Café Breizh – The Venue Complex
21. Café Juna – Juna, Matina
22. Café Marco – Marco Polo Hotel Davao
23. Café Palma Gil – Palma Gil St.
24. Café Uno – Waterfront Insular Hotel
25. Caffe Vivere – Mt. Apo St.
26. Calle Cinco Coffee – Victoria Plaza Mall
27. Calle Cinco Coffee – Roxas Avenue
28. Claudes’ Café de Ville – Rizal St.
29. Coffee @ Yellow Hauz – Mapa St.
30. Coffee Dream – Damosa Gateway Mall
31. Coffee Dream – DMSF
32. Coffee Dream – Market Basket
33. Coffee Dream – SM City
34. Coffee Plus – Davao
35. Coffee Pod – Torres St.
36. Coffee Spot – C.M. Recto
37. Copa Bossa – Quimpo Boulevard
38. Corum Coffee Shop – Bajada
39. Cups and Lowercase – Torres St.
40. Davao Coffee Express – NCCC Mall Matina
41. Dulce Manos Café – Juan Luna St.
42. Fabulous 50’s Cafe – Crown Regency Hotel
43. Fagioli Coffee Club – Lanang
44. Figaro – Chimes Mall Davao
45. Figaro – SM City
46. Formula Pete’s Café – Bajada
47. Gloria Jeans – Grand Regal Hotel
48. Hazel’s Café – Bajada
49. K1 Coffee – Ecoland
50. K1 Coffee – Torres St.
51. Kamayo Café – Palma Gil St.
52. Kangaroo – Central Bank, Quirino St.
53. Kape de Bohol – Jacinto St.
54. Karl’s Koffee Korner – SM
55. Karl’s Koffee Korner – Buhangin
56. Karlo’s Coffee – Jack’s Ridge Resort and Hotel
57. Kasagingan Kapehan – Torres St.
58. Kopi Roti – Jacinto St.
59. Le Grandeur Café – Grand Menseng Hotel
60. Miko’s Brew – Davao
61. Mon Bebe Café – Chinatown
62. Mon Bebe Café – Seawall, Ecoland
63. Monster’s Café – Ilustre St.
64. Net Front & Coffee Shop – C.M. Recto
65. Nezz74 Café – Obrero
66. PeaceBuilders Community Café – University Avenue
67. Pia’s Café – Davao
68. Port Café – G-Mall
69. Pronto Mario – Sta. Ana Avenue
70. Roadhouse Café – SM CIty
71. Sarimanok Coffee Shop – Agdao
72. Scott & Cates Coffee Express – Doña Vicenta
73. SilverCup – Mt. Apo St.
74. SkyGo Cafe – Davao International Airport
75. SouthBrews – NCCC Mall Maa
76. Spro Coffee Shop – Gen. Luna St.
77. Street Café – Juan Luna St.
78. Tata Benito’s A Whole Latte Love Coffee – World Palace
79. Tata Benito’s A Whole Latte Love Coffee – J.P. Laurel Av.
80. The Café Mediterranean – Sales St.
81. Tump Café – NCCC Mall
82. Turkish Coffee Shop – Bonifacio St.
83. Twosome Palace Coffee Club – Victoria Plaza Mall
84. Au-Alit -Davao Doctors Hospital
85. Bogser’s Java & Jazz Coffee Shoppe – Bangkal, Davao City

86. Zabadani Layered Coffee – Ponciano St., Davao City



    1. Malulugi lang ang Starbucks dito sa Davao City dahil sa dami ng mga coffee shops. By the way, Yellow House (V. Mapa St.), Fagioli (Quirino Ave.), Tata Benito’s (Legazpi St.), Brewtique (Bo. Obrero), and one coffee shop near AdDU HS (forgot the name) are not in the list.

  1. Hi hivers, this is Davao hive! Great day for the rising Prince of the Orient Pearls, Davao City! Please do post recent COFFEE SHOPS that you think is interesting enough for others to know!

  2. hey everyone..
    try to drop buy and have a cup of coffee at TURKISH COFFEE SHOP AND BAR..They serve coffee, from plain coffee to all kinds of iced coffee and tea. They also have specialty coffee from TURKEY..Check it out. And if you’re not into coffee they also have a bar beside it.You can drink and dine with your friends..tHE PLACE IS great and they also have shisha/hooka with different flavors to choose from..TCS also serves food fresh and hot. From filipino dishes to turkish specialty food like kebab and many more..They’re located at Bonifacio St. corner Aurora St.

  3. Good day!

    I’m inquiring if there are vacant positions in any coffee shop like a service crew as my part time job. I graduate last March 2008 at University of Mindanao of a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Currently I’m a personnel assistant at BFAR-XI as Job Order or a contractual basis. Although I have my stable job but my salary is not enough for my family, so I’m applying for a 4 to 5 hours every evening of work.

    Hope you can email me and I can send my resume and cover letter and you can contact me also at 09103413901.

    Thank you so much and God Bless.

  4. At Jose Rafael Fine Coffee

    *We use 100% Arabica coffee beans roasted in Australia
    *Our food is of modern Australian influence
    *We made our coffee shop for our guests to feel like they are in their own lounge; homey, comfortable and cosy

    Our coffee shop slogan; eat, meet, chill and chat

    A place to;
    Eat – simple and freshly prepared food
    Meet – for business
    Chill – to wind your day with your choice from our dozens hot or cold drinks
    Chat – with your family and friends

    Please visit us:

    Door 2 Phase 1 Insular Village
    Lanang Davao City
    Between China Bank and Monterey Meats

    Telephone number 082 305 5698
    Email address: joserafaelfinecoffee@hotmail.com

    Business hours:
    Mondays to Saturdays: 9 am to 1 am
    Sundays: 3 pm to 12 am

    1. WOW…. may new branch na pala ang JOSE RAFAEL,…congrats.
      ang nakaganda, malapit lang masyado sa airport dito sa davao…yepeyyy

  5. G’day
    We went to the The Rocks Aroma Festival last Sunday 19 July 2009. It’s the coffee, chocolate tea and spices expo at The Rocks in the picturesque Sydney (below the Harbour Bridge and almost next to The Opera House).

    Here’s the link to the event; http://www.therocks.com/sydney-Things_To_Do-Aroma_Festival.htm

    There are more people, more entertainment and more businesses joined this time than last year.

    We were there from 11 am until 4:30 pm. Got home very tired but our taste buds really had a good time.
    Door 2 Phase 1
    Insular Village
    Lanang, Davao City
    Tel. 082 3055698
    Email address: joserafaelfinecoffee@hotmail.com

  6. Turkish Coffee Shop has a bar extension now. Aside from the coffee for those who prefers a quiet place. People can now smoke shi sha or hookah while having a beer-y good time. Yes, that’s right. Beer is served a the bar where you can also sing songs on the videoke. My personal favorite is the banana split flavor shi sha and singing Bleeding Love on the videoke. Pretty cool huh.

  7. Panadero Expreso: A family coffee shop

    QUALITY coffee beans fresh from the farm, to-die-for specialty cakes and rice cakes, a wi-fi hotspot, friendly staff, comfy seats and sofas and a cozy ambiance — all in one coffee shop: Panadero Expreso.

    Located in Roxas Avenue in Davao City, Panadero Expreso is barely two months in the business, having opened its doors to the public on July 17 this year. But it showed much promise as more and more students and young professionals of its target market have become regular customers…

    As the corporation will soon open branches in Laguna and Tacloban before the year ends, Philip hopes that they can also penetrate the National Capital Region by next year.

    1. Interested in buying wholesale Kafe Balos aka Alamid or Civet coffee here in Davao? Please contact me for pricing, we currently supply Blugre Coffee, Coffee For Peace, and Kangaroo Coffee and are open for new partners. Our coffee is 100% organic certified and we practice fair trade. Our civet coffee is of higher quality as well because we do not cage our civets as some of our competitors do, but they are free to roam the high mountainous areas of Mt. Matutum in the SOCKSARGEN region and then our forest dwellers collect the beans each morning. We are very proud of our product and are even willing to compete in prices with any competitor that has the same quality coffee that we supply. We also have raw Robusta and Arabica for sale. Please contact me for more info, God bless~

      Greentropics Coffee Enterprise
      Kafe Balos Coffee


    Feel the heavenly quality experience in the city. The Davao G12 Café now opens for corporate function, relaxation and the newest coffee shop that leaves an amazing affection to its valued client.

    So guys we cordially invite you to visit DAVAO G12 Cafe.Located along Gov. Sales St.,Davao City in front of Chimes.

    See you there and be BLESSED.

  9. i went to BENCH coffee shop in Quimpo BLVD… newly open for a try what is it like compared to others i usually go with my girl friends! so SAD! its worst experience!… lasang ewan ang kape nila. Puro bubbles lang— kabag ang makuha mo! kaya no wonder wla sila dito sa list! hahahahaha!…. good!

  10. ATTENTION!!!!
    Mon bebe cafe just opened on their new location at the Lopez Jaena St fronting the Victory Chapel Bldg.
    Come and taste the authentic Italian coffee there is and the signature cakes made by Pastry Chef Ms. Olive Caingles.
    For orders, pls call 300-5335

  11. There’s one more Mon bebe Cafe that just opened at Lopez Jaena St. Davao City. They specialized SUGARFREE SWEETS. Have a healthy dessert!
    You can contact them at 300-5335 for ORDERS and directions

  12. Gud day!!
    Heard about civet coffee..? need of supply w/ the said coffee just pm me on my FB account or add me Hiedee Salimbagat Mellosa..
    Thank you, have a nice day everyone..

    1. Have you already gotten your prices for civet? If not we have it at wholesale prices. If you’ve found a supplier (and I pray it’s not from a supply that cages their civets) then let me at least try and match that price. 🙂

      Greentropics Coffee Enterprise
      Kafe Balos Coffee

  13. wow,, what a world needs love!!!! wwhhhheeewww,,, as well as the world needs TEALOCA!!!! A MUST TRY!!!! try nyo na at gaisano mall 4th level…

    di kyo mag sisisi,,,,, hehhehehhehe

    1. hi joy, are u putting up new coffee shop??? IF YES,, i would like to offer you our product to help u monitor ur sales and inventory,, it POINT OF SALES (POS),, kindly email or txt me at 0922-8640465,, many thanks- wilbert

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  15. Anyone interested in buying wholesale Kafe Balos aka Alamid or Civet coffee here in Davao please contact me for pricing. We are currently in a contract with Blugre Coffee, Coffee For Peace, and Kangaroo Coffee. My email is heavenlygroundcoffee(at)gmail.com nmbr is 922-788-8173. God bless!

  16. To Human Relations Officer,
    I am writing this letter for a purpose of job considerations and special actions with my personalize application status. I am Robert Jeorge T. Dela Cruz 19 years old and a graduate of Associate Degree of Hotel and Restaurant Management. As you will scan my files I have moderate experiences in Bar and Coffee Shops Services .
    I’ve worked first at Bernadette’s Resto Bar as a Bartender/Server , during that time I’ve learn the Standard Operating Procedure ( SOP ) of a Bar like opening and closing the bar , mix cold and freezing concoctions mainly cocktails or mocktails, proper serving of basic beverages like beers, shakes and etc . After my first job I rampantly find a job opportunity at Grab A Crab Coffee Club 101 which is a fusion of restaurant and a coffee shop located at the 3rd Floor Rooftop Garden of Abreeza Mall. I’ve work there purely as a barista , as my experience there for a year I’ve learn the basic and complex standard actions to operate a coffee shop and of course how to make a fine quality gourmet coffee . When the time I’ve ended my job at Abreeza I pursue and gamble to start my own IN HOUSE Beverage Catering Business which I name BOTTOMS UP Beverage Catering Service . We jump to any type of occasions weddings , debut , special and private events to serve all out beverages like cocktails ,wines . beers , flaming shots and even non-alcoholic drinks which is called mocktails , shakes and fresh juices in an all in one affordable package. My business is quite working well in the market at least I can deal client twice or once a month which is good because Im still starting and this is not officially permitted yet.
    Presently , I pursue my studies and interest in the world of Entrepreneurship in University of Mindanao. Now, I am a first year regular student who is finding a JOB that would fit my background experiences and to my business drive personality . I believe that I can be an ASSET at your company and confidently I can do the job standards even I am studying. Hopefully , you can give me a consideration especially at the TIME SCHEDULE OF MY JOB and also a GOOD FAIR POSITION that would suit my background. Thanking you for lending your eyes on my personal letter hope we can personally talk and make some adjustments with my personalize job application. I know Im still young but I have a strong drive personality and positive ego that would help your company even in a PART TIME JOB. My main goal is while Im studying I can gain experience that is related to my course HRM and ENTREPRENEURSHIP even if the salary would not be fair enough . RESUME and FORMS are attached.

    Sincerely Yours,
    Robert Jeorge T. Dela Cruz
    Operations Manager / Owner
    (Beverage Catering Service )

  17. For this reason, many view kitchen renovation as more than
    just a way to freshen up the look of their cooking area,
    but as a way to expose our social habit to a new light. I can’t tell you how badly I was conned out of excess money I could ill afford by tradesmen that knew all the tricks to fleece hard working home owners out of their hard earned cash. Aside from do-it-yourself projects, you can also consider some renovations in its structure.

  18. Update:

    Last uwi ko sa davao December 2013, nakita ko Coffee bean tea leaf, Starbucks, Krispy Kreme, Chatime, yung isa pang Endorsed by Juris… hehehe

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