• Luisa Avenue Square Bldg. 2, Davao City, 8000 Philippines  
  • Company Origin: New York City, USA
  • call center facility
  • 459-2900


  • Landco Corp Tower, Pryce Business Park, Davao City, 8000 Philippines   
  • call center facility
  • tel. no. 3035772



  • Plaza de Luisa Complex, Davao City, 8000 Philippines  
  • Company Origin: USA
  • career center
  • 2218000




SYNNEX-Concentrix, Inc., Bldg. 1 Damosa IT Park, J.P. Laurel Avenue


  • call center facility
  • 2214266
  • Lioc Qui Fraternity Building, Sales street, Davao City, 8000 Philippines


  • NCCC Mall Pavilion, Matina, Davao City, 8000 Philippines 
  • Company Origin: Utah, USA
  • call center and back office facility      


  • 2240087, 3031888
  • 4th Floor Pryce Tower, Bajada, Davao City, 8000 Philippines







  • callcenter facility


  • 3rd Floor Hubport Corporate blg.,
  • McArthur Highway, Matina, Davao City, Philippines, 8000
  • Company Origin: Chicago, Illinois
  • francis.pineda@hubportinteractive.com
  • http://www.hubportinteractive.com/
  • Fax: +6382-300-9178
    Telephone: +6382-299-2178, +6382-300-9178
    (connecting all departments)
  • Toll free customer hotline:
  • Direct lines for US callers:




  1. yes, i also agree with that chelina. thanks davaohive! for making my work easier in finding for davao call centers.

    per aspera ad astra!

  2. did someone apply thru the email addresses posted here? please do tell us if they call you up. thanks much!

  3. is it true that global sutherland is now in quirino-claudio? i was planning to apply in tibungco but then my friend told me this news….can you confirm this please? and can anyone give me the tel. no. of this company….i would really appreciate it.

  4. callbox is the place to go for those who would want to have a career in call centers, basic pay, monthly incentives, daily incentives, allowances, free buffet meal, and recreation facility for employees. visit them at 9th floor landco Corporate Center

  5. hi to all davaohivers
    just call me yam
    i’ll move from sutherland makati to sutherland davao
    hope i’ll be meeting new friends there

  6. im not really familiar of the place
    ive never been in davao
    great adventure
    isnt it????
    can anyone here can give me a clue of what the place looks like??

  7. thanks for the list but this is not a list of davao-based call centers. most of the call centers you listed just recruit people to be employed in manila or cebu. the only call centers based in davao i think are callbox, qualiserve, western wats, and cyber city.

  8. i’m torn in between CALLBOX and QUALISERVE. applied in both the other day. both call centers are okay. problem is with qualiserve, you need to pay 2,750 for the training fee. it’s not an assurance that you’ll get hired. but with qualiserve the pay is 10-15K + commissions. at callbox it’s 9K only but there is no training fee. which call center do you guys think i should continue with. so confused

  9. hello…just want to asked if Fil-Can Communications (FCC) is really a certified call center company??? because i know somebody who works there kasi and nagtaka lang me why its not here in your list…reply ha…tnx!!!

  10. Sutherland has been based in Davao since Nov 2007. Walk-in Mon-Fri 9am-3pm. Please bring your resume. Address is Bldg B, Luisa Square, E. Jacinto Extn, across BSP.

  11. word of advice… don’t even think about working in qualiserve… most especially sa counterpart nilang med trans na davao first. I tell you… fraud ang kumpanyang yan…. loyalty means nothing to them. san ka ba makakarinig ng call center or med trans na kelangan mo pang magbayad before mo malamang hired ka? other companies pay you when they train you… and secondly, you don’t even get annual increase… And they already closed down qualiserve once and reopened it again. There’s a big chance they’ll do that again… kawawa talaga ung mga nagtrabaho dun… na lay off… tapos bubukas bukas sila ulit… kapal nila… pramis… kung ayaw mong magsisi, don’t apply there…

  12. no convergys yet? ba’t walang convergys here sa davao? and why are other international call centers only put up recruitment centers here instead of constructing a call center facility? is it still because of the reputation of davao being part of the “war torn” mindanao island mindset? hmps.. 😦

  13. Hi hivers, this is Davao hive! Great day for the rising Prince of the Orient Pearls, Davao City! Please do post recent CALL CENTER FACILITIES that you think is interesting enough for others to know!

  14. it is very important for you to be an advocate for the rights of the people. moreover, please be an advocate for the environment also. can we get an affirmative response?

  15. hi,currently im working in an IT company here in manila, pero kung papipiliin ako ng place to work i really really want to work in my hometown Davao city….but we know na ang basic salary in davao compare to manila has a very very big difference….SANA PALAKIHIN NG MGA EMPLOYER BASIC SALARY SA DAVAO PARA MAINGANYO NAMAN SILA NA MAGWORK SA HOMETOWN NILA AT HINDI NA PUMUNTA KUNG SAAN MAN PARA MAKAAHANAP NG MAGANDANG PAY….

  16. callbox does have training allowance. it’s 200 pesos/day. un nga lang, 2 weeks ang training. but once u get past that, it’s all good. the incentives are good din. bsta work hard for the money lang. it’s a performance based company. more production, more money.


  17. aaaaaaaaahhh!!!! heeeeeeeellllllllpppppppp! anong company for csr ang dapat kong puntahan..? im from tagum and i really cant spend my whole week just to apply in every company listed here.. please please please help! and ano highest rate for entry level agents? may IP RELAY na ba dito sa davao? where? please please please.. inform me.. here’s my e-add: dntudaremessupmylyf@hotmail.com … or my contact #: 0921-266-1401..
    thanks.. 😀

  18. hmm concentrix is a good company coz its stable and all..i was already training, pero my nerves got the best of me during our call simulation exam, i failed that, so i applied at western wats and callbox, i passd both the interviews, but i dont know which company is better.. help!

    1. I’m working at callbox now. hehe, and I’m doing great here so far.. What’s good about the company is that the job isn’t as exhausting compared to inbound call centers, you have control of your time. Pays well enough 9k plus incentives. its a performance based company. the Ilo-Ilo branch borrowed me for 2 months, company gave me 4.5k allowance per month. ^__^. to hell with Concentrix.. haha

  19. i have worked with eteleacre in cebu for a year and in convergys in cebu fro more than a year too..
    for the record, convergys does not have any plans of putting a site for operations here in davao. they might place a recruiting office like w/etel and ps but theres really no clear plans of investing an opeartion site here,,.

    1. ba’t ayaw nila sa davao? maybe because of the IT Infrastructure ano? kulang na kulang pa yata ang davao nito..that may also be the reason why not so many call center companies invested in davao..sad 😦 aside from the usual Mindanao War.

  20. Callbox? don’t believe the hype, well much of them. Basic pay= 9k. the daily incentives? 10 pesos per sale/appointments (lol) monthly inc= actually it’s per wk, 8 apptmnts=500. I’ve been there for 6 months, TC. Nice experience though, the outings and stuff. Cool… But I eventually ditched out, I’m working as a VA. nice pay… dollars…


  22. can anyone tell me what the minimum requirements for a telesales position at callbox are? are they open to hiring college undergrads with no experience as a call center agent or at any other type of work? tnx peeps.

    1. hi Louie,

      Call Center Representative:

      • has good English communication skills
      • dynamic and active
      • college degree is an advantage but not required
      • has a good basic knowledge about computer
      • willing to work in a graveyard shift

      Visit us at 9F Landco Bldg., Bajada or apply online: http://www.join.callboxinc.com!

      See ya!

  23. Make sure that the Call Center you are applying or already working for is licensed by the city to conduct its business. Business permits must be renewed every year so if you guys do not see a copy of it, better ask. Mahirap na with how BIR orders unlicensed businesses to shut their operations, pati kayo madamay pa. Unfair sa atin na mga employees. Unfair din sa mga other business owners na kahit walang profits, they see to it na legal sila.

  24. why isnt a single of you guys mentioned about cybercity? is it also good? im about to sign a contract wth the company, pls give me some info so i would know what im getting into. thanks

  25. try 611. ok sila. compared to the other companies. sahod 9k ata sa ngayn but masaya. na alis ako from 611 last month dhl d ako naka quota kaya transfer ako sa iba but of ocurse if d lng ako inalis, id rather stay there. mayos sweldo, matino mga tao. mga managers nila taga davao d katulad ng iba mga foreigners na masama ugali. sa sahod naman parepareho lng dn sa iba depende na lng sa incetives mo.

  26. Sana taas taasan naman ang basic pay ng mga call center sa davao, gusto ko mag work sa hometown ko pra less ang expenses like paying my bhaus. kaso mababa tlaga parang ur working in a dept store lng sa cebu/manila. I’ve worked with CONCENTRIX davao, d company and the people are ok, but the pay is very much low (7500 lng basic pay) omg. tech account yan ha (d madali), if u compare that to other centers in cebu or manila thats way too low. its pathetic tlga. kya if you want to work in a call center with higher pay, sa ngayon the best option is either to work in manila or cebu. Tip: para may reloc allowance kau, i recommend people support, etelecare and sitel (surecruit). goodluck!

    1. sure ka? 7500 lang ang basic pay… madadagdagan paba ba yun? o hindi…. actually i will have my training this tuesday… sana ung 7500 tataas pa kahit umabot man lang ng 10k

  27. Hi there! I am a TIMESHARE campaign manager..Is there’s a Call Center here in Davao who desires to run the said account? I can help..I here in Davao now working in 1 of the Call Center and i have a plan to transfer to another center..I’m very much interested for those who wants my services and can compensate my needs..

  28. sutherland has mass hired agents for their at&t account but now they are making way of getting rid of the batches in training coz theyre overstaffed. im currentlyn working here. feeling ko lng maraming kaso ang aabutan ng sutherland.


  29. I’ve seen a lot of call centers in the Pryce Tower on the net but I don’t know how true it is ‘coz I’ve never heard about a call center from Pryce yet….Is there really any there?

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  31. pag sure oi . 100php trainee allowance sa 611 .. hehehe after 5weeks pa jud makuha minus sa headset fee mostly 750php .try manila or cebu if u want to have a higher pay .. gud luck!

  32. Is it true that callbox don’t accept nursing graduates??? kasi i’m a fresh graduate of BSN pero gusto ko munang subukan magtrabaho sa call center kasi unlike sa hospital na nakakatakot makapatay ng pasyente…hehehe

  33. Hi! Sutherland Global Services is still hiring for additional people. You can simply have your resume handy with you, walk in to the Recruitment Office (it’s beside Central Bank) and the Recruitment Office is right next to HSBC. To be more specific, “The Venue” building is now Sutherland’s. Feel free to ask questions here and i’ll be happy to answer your queries… 🙂

  34. To all the people out there specilly those call center h0ppers and newbies.dont attempt to aplly in SGS(SUFFERLAND GLOBAL SACRIFICES)been there for alm0st 2 yearz.NO CARRIER GROWTH,SALARY DISPUTES EVERY PAYROLL,UNPROFESSI0NAL HR AND RECRUITMENT PEOPLE,BULLSHIT INDIAN SUPERIORS!..n0t to menti0n the c0mpany has a lot of pending cases.an0ther thing is that n0 C0NTRIBUTI0NS IN SSS AND PAG IBIG WHEN I UPDATED MY ACC0UNT.i heard MALAKAS DW ATA CLA SA DOLE.H0W TRue?just be prepared if time c0mes n matap0s n IT PARK S AYALA.


  36. Ang hirap kaya mg.apply sa Suth kasi taas ng Application Process sa kanila. It takes 7 Stage pra lang makapasa, amp! Eh kng makarating ka na ng Stage 6 tas bumagsak ka? Aw, wala lahat ng effort. amP! Buti pa ung ibang Call center, intial at final lang wala na ding Exam.

  37. i tried to call the telefon number of callbox but nobody will answer it.. im currently working in GLOBAL CONNECT and i want to transfer because i feel my job their is not suited for me as a COMTECH,

  38. Hi guys, is there anybody here who does homebased online jobs? are you still in need of homebased online agents,coz if you do,i’d really want to apply.

    1. yes i am looking for home based agents and i need 3-5 agents in one location and we can start asap as long as you have good internet connection.

      John Glacier

      skype id msabaratnam2002

  39. don’t u ol guys ever dare to apply in gcom or cyber city. we worked there for 2 months only. we sign a 6-month probitionary contract, but for whatever intent and purpose dey forced us ol to resign, lahat ng mga probis & may mga regular din. may nag pull-out daw na project, over staffed, re-trenched, cross-cutting, & kung anu-ano pang rison nila juz to kick u out! fyi lang. for u not to end up sorry.

  40. hi.. im joanne of Davao city Im a fresh graduate and now I’m searching for a good call center na maaplayan.. hope matulungan nyo ako I’m a fresh grad… this is my number 09078694434…

  41. Any callcentres hiring foreigners as managers, team leaders etc? No one seems to write anything at this webpage anymore. Just curious. Cheers.

  42. me,nag-apply ako sa sutherland,up to 2nd stage lang kc my nerves shaking and fear comes out kc sa kahaba-haba ng stage up to 6,to total 3 hours ang processing,ayun natakot ako tuloy,di nakapagsalita.naks….charge for experience nalang oy.

    1. be confident and don’t be nervous, relax and be focuss instead. when you apply , please do practice first.and try to answer it in a nice way but do not brag too much.You have to answer it from your heart and acknowledge the question first.

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  44. will be waiting for CVG and stream in davao.. Ive heard that they will invest there and will startt next year.. I wanna go home na .. been here in cebu for two years,,, working in a call center.. home sick na …

  45. any one can inform me here if there is still an hiring of call center agent in all the companies above? im marquel quilly very hard to looking job cause im only high school graduate but i think its not the problem when you are applying as a cca.CCa applicant should be intelegent and fluent in speaking english.proudly to say i am Just email me at my yahoo id meshellequilly@yahoo.com

  46. Call centers in the city are a good thing they generates job opportunities to many Davaowenyos and young people from nearby regions.
    But for those who want to earn extra, like Php 5,000 to Php 10,000 weekly, then I’ve got something for you. Just text me at 09327428390 to set a business appointment. Thanks!

  47. sir, i suggest u remove global connect from the list.
    na TV patrol na to na d nagbabayad ng sweldo sa mga tao.
    wag naman sana mapunta mga tao doon

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  49. HOw much is the basic salary in sutherland?and how about concentrix?Is it true that convergys will open a new site at ayala mall next year?

  50. wag na kayo umasa sa sutherland. they are the highest paying center as of today 12k-15k for entry level applicants and their training is now paying 100/day. mas malaki pa ang callbox at 200/day. well anyways the management and the superiors will be the problem in that company plus the HR dept who are supposed to be the kakampi of the agents as what ive experienced in other centers in cebu ay sila pang kumakalaban. they dont care about you. plenty of false promises. payroll disputes na 48 years bago ma credit ulit. sobrang inutil ng management ng kumpanyang ito. i think they sould bare in mind that more importantly, their business is in the hands of their frontliners so they should give them what is due to them. ano kaya ma feel nyo if gagawa ng fraud ang agents. eh di magmumukha kayong tanga sa clients nyo. konti palang kasi ang matatapang na davaoneos sa call center kaya maangas ang HR.pero di cla na kawala sa akin! hahahahaha

    1. I agree!!! napaka walang kwenta ng sutherland!!! puro disputes!!! taena ng mga hr na yan,, mga bobo din kasi

  51. Hi..im currently working in convergys manla and my boss told me that cvg is putting up a site in davao at abreeza early nxt yr..its jst internal cascades so no press released yet..

  52. There are a lot of call centers services available on this site. Thank you for the list of resources. Is there are company that is willing to adapt their services for special cases such as multiple residences of a divorce child custody case, or people who have more than one home in different geographical locations?

  53. hi…ask lang sana ko kung may alam kayo private resort na pwede rentahan sa samal…may nakita na ko 5k per day exclusive na..baka lang kasi may mas maganda pa..plz…tnx

  54. hi,,good day,.,im intersted to apply as a call cntr agent in one of those company,.,i am willing for changing of shifts. thank you

  55. hi,,good day,.,im intersted to apply as a call cntr agent in one of those company,.,i am willing for changing of shifts. thank you,., ill be waiting for a response.

  56. I hope Sykes and Convergys will open soon in Davao.
    Masyadong barat ang Sutherland and Concentrix. And immature ang mga decisions ng mga tao nila sa HR, QAs, TLs and Supervisors.
    Kulang sa training and unprofessional. Masyado nilang minaliliit yung mga frontliners na agents eh yun ang bumubuhay sa company.

  57. hey guys, just wanna say “hi” to you all. It’s nice to post something here for at least I felt I belong….=)

  58. Hi there! Am a newbie here.. I wanted to ask if callboxinc.is still currently in need of agents? And if they entertain applicants a high school grad.? Im willing to be train.thx more power!

  59. Hi there! I just started my PST training 2 weeks ago in Sutherland for the AT&T account, so Probee employee ako, kaso lang the training is not fun anymore so I’m planning to resign. Is it true na hindi daw ibibigay yung sweldo pag nagresign ako before the salary date? and is it true na pagmagresign ka eh obliged ka to pay Sutherland 10k? parang ang tataray at susungit kasi ng HR dun, natatakot ako maginquire tuloy.. thanks for the info guys..

  60. Hello! I was wondering which is best?? Sutherland. Call Box. Etelecare or Sitel? I do really need your opinion guys please. and I want to work at Cebu or manila just for experience. Im a newbie in this field..=) I dont care about the income but I’d like to know which company is best..

      1. Very soon! Wait lang kayo guys! Im currently working here in convergys manila for almost 5years now. Excited nako umuwi and mag pa lateral transfer next year kasi magkakaroon na convergys davao. Take note sa training kung mag kano ung basic nyo un din ang makukuha mong pay kahit nasa training ka palang. Every year may annual increase kami and maganda ang compensation and benfts na meron kami ngaun! Hindi ako mag stay ng ganito ka tagal kung hindi maganda ang company! A company with integrity!

  61. hi davaohive. it’ so nice to hear that there are alot of cll centers in Davao City. We’ll, all i want to know is that can I work on it even though I’m an undergraduate of college. I’m taking up Customs Administration here at Manila in regret to tell everyone that i can’t hide the truth that my scholarship will be cut because of some incidents. I’m turning 2nd year this year and my plan is to work for my studies. Please do answer me. I’m willing to work and serve everyone. currently, im working on a Forwarding Company. I’m a Valeditorian awardee at my recent school.
    thanks everyone.

  62. Hi,

    Sinu may alam ng hiring for non voice agents? Taga gensan ako but willing to be deployed in davao if hired, I only make up to 3 years in college. Text niyo ako dito 09177594359. Thanks

  63. hi po we want ton ask if always po ba ang hiring sa cocentrix?
    this is my umber09091093835. tnx wait kmi sa reply

  64. hello there! this is christine. can i ask if the co centrix company still hiring $ an applicant 2 bcome a call center agent because i am willing to have this kind of job just txt me. 09091093835. tnx.

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  66. hello davao!
    our department is planing to have fieldtrip and we are looking for best call center to visit then.pls free contact with us in ds numbr 09061767125 we ned to have a specific call center to visit with.

    anong call center kaya ?

  67. Hi my name is lyssakhen and i just move here in dvo and right now i need a job, i would like to apply as a call center agent can anybody here who can help me???

  68. Hi i’m brex from sultan kudarat i wanted to apply call center agent.. But i wonder i cant speak stretly englesh.. Ok lng vah in time of nterview n magsalita ako ng taglesh? Hehehe. I have been her in davao almost one month for looking a job.. So i wanted to try the call center agent. Bsi palang hehe.

  69. hello call center agents!
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  70. Im a full time mom now, but i,m confident to communicate english, thats my assurance. my kwestyon is, am I qualified,? AB english grad. 39yrs old?

  71. hoping more call centers will be put up here in Davao city , and with great pay ( of course), …. HOPING Convergys, JP MORGAN, Sykes, Sitel, Etelecare, Teletech, Teleperformance and many others will be here soon, so that there will be more opportunity for Davaoenoes to land a job.

  72. hello evry1…i just wanted 2 know what are the best call centers found here in Davao ,,,coz im planning 2 apply … needed ur advice plzzzzzzzzz…….tnxxxx…

  73. hi davao,

    please help me where could i find a call center training school na mura dito sa davao i want to train more about call center, i’m just a undergraduate student need to have a better job after i finish a course, ilang months kya ang training? please please help any suggestion guys!??? thank you plz email me below (lovelymalubay22@yahoo.com)

  74. Hi, im not into call center slavery therefore i wish not to apply for postions held at CONCENTRIX FORMALLY LINKSYS SUPPORT. i believe in full honesty and NOT TO DECIEVE THE CUSTOMER OUT OF MONEY!!! MY ATTRIBUTES ARE WAY BEHOND YOUR IMAGINATION, AND THERE FORE MY SLARLY YOU CANNOT AFORD TO PAY ME, IM NOT A YES SIR MAN NOR INTO SLAVERY BUT INTO FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND FAIR EMPLOYMENT RIGHTS. QUOTE MR GEORGE KONG! Looking for vacancies far&wide pls leave your email or mobile number for well EXPERIENCED PERSON

  75. CVG Would open here in DVO soon, Problem is that they’ll still follow the salary rate which would range from a total of 10-15K not bad though. CVG Manila and Cebu have different rates so they’ll have to follow what the provincial pay rate is at present. Think about it if they are going to pay manila or cebu rates to DVO CC agents di laya maglipatan lahat sa kanila, wala nang maiiwan sa ibang BPOs,

  76. CALLBOX INC Is Hiring…

    Outbound Call Center Agents
    Graphic Artists
    Software Developers
    Technical Support (OJT)

    sign up at join.callboxinc.com or drop by our office for an interview.
    9th Floor Landco Bldg, JP Laurel Ave., Bajada, Davao City
    (082) 224-2035

  77. hai po !
    pwd po magpatulong sa project nmin’kailangan ko na po kc !
    pwd po buh personal background neo at may kunting tanong lang po ako sa inyo.

    1. Para po sa iyo ano po ang ibig sabihin ng call center agent ?
    2.Bakit gusto mong maging agent ?
    3.Paano mo mailalarawan ang iyong trabaho ?
    4.Sa iyong palagay paano mo mailarawan ang out sourcing industry ?
    5.Paano ito nakakatulong sa ekonomiya ng ating bansa?

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    Deadline for Submission of Resume will be on 2nd week of March 2013!

    For those who are Interested..

    ü Send resume to leeryan@haskem.com or panabo@haskem.com

    ü Talk to us @ +63 9228155046

    ü Visit us @ http://www.haskem.com

    Thank you so much.

  79. i am still an undergrad..i desperately need a job…honestly i’m not so good in English …i applied twice sa sutherland pero i failed…text me guys 09073568020

  80. Most of the things you point out happens to be supprisingly appropriate and that makes me wonder the reason why
    I had not looked at this with this light previously. This
    piece truly did turn the light on for me personally as far as this particular topic
    goes. But at this time there is actually 1 position I am
    not really too comfortable with so whilst I make an effort
    to reconcile that with the actual core theme of the issue, let me observe just what the rest of your readers have to point out.
    Nicely done.

  81. Hello, open na po ba ang convergys sa davao? im willing to be a call center agent.. im good in english.. pls do contact me.. this is my number 09463739002

  82. job fair for sitel manila….september 23 and 24, 2013. venue will be at villa margarita hotel bajada davao city. spread the news…relocation package is availabe.

    1. You may apply in IBEX, VXI, OLINK and to our company CALLBOX Davao 🙂 our office is located in 9th floor, landco bldg, pryce business park Bajada, Davao City

  83. good day! Im interested to apply in Sutherland Global Services.Are they still hiring?Honestly, Im not an english out spoken but im very willing to undergo training. You can contact me at my number 09109034337. God Bless




  85. i really want to work as a call center agent but i have nothing to seek such companies in Davao.. bcoz i am residing @ Carmen davao del norte…

  86. Good day Goodhearted people!
    im vely gato fresh graduate of the university of southeastern philippines. im looking for a job that will enhance more my skills. as typical citizen in our community, having simple life since birth.. but wanna see the real story of a call center agent.. hehe u can contact me in my mobile no. 09489177040 . after being graduated i just noticed that everything i have done in 4 months was kinda senseless.. so i just wanna use my available time to a work that would help me so much.. so sad to hear but im not getting any younger so.. as much as possible i would like to offer myself to work in any call center companies in the davao city area.. thank you :))


    -Abreeza Corporate, Bajada Davao City

    – SM City Davao, ,the Annex Matina, Davao City

    – SM Lanang Premier, Lanang Davao City

    – Main- Robinson’ Cybergate, Bajada Davao City
    – SM City Davao Site, Matina Davao City

    – 9th Floor, Landco Corporate Bldg. Pryce Business Park, Bajada D.C

    – Quirino Ave. Davao City

    – Araullo St, Davao City
    – 10th Floor Landco Corporate Bldg. Pryce Business Park, Bajada D.C
    – 2nd Floor , HAI Bldg. Pryce Business Park, Bajada D.C

    – Quirino Ave. Davao City

    – Lanang IT Park, Lanang Davao City

    – I forgot the exact location


    – 4th floor Centron Building, Quirino Ave Davao City


    3rd Floor , Topaz Tower Damosa IT Park Lanang Davao City

    * LOVO Marketing
    -Topaz Tower Damosa IT Park Lanang Davao City

    -NCCC Matina, Davao City

    -Bajada, Davao City

    *Six Eleven

    -F.Torres St. Davao City

    And many more 🙂

    (Permission to post. Good luck for your job hunting. Don’t forget to always put a smile on your face)

  88. Hi! Who would like to apply as call center agents in Cebu or Manila? Work in a very stable company with passion to perform and care deeper to its stake holders. There will be relocation package. You may contact me through this number: 09985353746

  89. Hi there hivers 🙂 what is the most very good call center company that located in Davao city? every one’s response is very appreciated..

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