Let’s Fight For Peace

READ THIS: The recent explosion in Davao City has caused panic to those who are fearful and ‘sort of’ jubilation from the anti-Duterte. I feel sorry to these groups of people because they demonstrate what the terrorists and mongrels of criminals really aimed for. They feed the arrogance and pride of those who seek havoc in our country. Shame on those who laughed at this incident and even blamed Digong saying that he should not have “boasted himself in his declaration of War against crime particularly on drugs.” I felt that these mindless statements came not from innocence but out of greed, selfishness, and stupidity. These people who has done nothing good but only stalk for mistakes – should shut up because that bullshit of a character is not something any Filipinos will be proud of. If your aim is only for “pasikat”; then for God’s sake go naked in public.
Now hear this – the explosion is a call for Unity to those who seek change and with the ultimate goal of Peace and security in our nation. Frankly, you cannot bring Peace by sending flowers to terrorists and criminals. Jesus even had to suffer severely and die first before we all realized that he is our Lord (for Christian Faith). 
This incident should ignite all of us Filipinos from everywhere in the world and from all walks of Life – to stand our grounds and rise against terrorism and other crimes. All Filipinos shoud not be afraid because criminals rally their strength when they smell fear amongst us. Let us FIGHT because it is our duty for the Philippines and our responsibility for the next generation. Let us Fight because all of us deserve PEACE.
I remain supportive to the Duterte Administration’s mandate of securing the general welfare of the Filipino People. Let everyone be reminded that only when we act as ONE that we can beat the horrors plaguing us for decades.
To those families affected by the explosion, we are one with you in grief.
To all Davaoenos, let us show everyone how we respond to threats of violence and fear. 



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