POSTED: OCTOBER 17, 2013 11:48 AM
99.7% plan to return

Majority of the tourists spent an average of less than P5,000 a day when they stayed in Davao City, the recent survey of the City Tourism Operations Office (CTOO) revealed.The CTOO polled 450 respondents during the Kadayawan festival period on August 15-25. Part of the survey was the question on the visitors’ average expenditures ranging from less than P5,000 to more than P10,000.

The respondents were asked on how much they spent per category, wherein the categories include accommodation, other area of entertainment, souvenirs or other conveniences. Most of them answered that they spent an average of less than P5,000 a day in all categories.

“The average expenditure may be considerably lower than the expenditure by the consumer units that purchase or spend the item,” the survey cited.

Only few of the respondents spent beyond P5,000 per category.

For accommodation, 26.675 of the respondents spent P6,000-P10,000 while 9.33% shelled out more than P10,000. While 76% said that they alloted less than P5,000 for food and drinks, there were 16.67% who spent within the P6,000-P10,000 range and 5.56% who poured more than P10,000.

When buying souvenirs, 70.67% spent less than P5,000 while only 18.22% alloted P6,000-P10,000. There were 9.78% of the respondents who admitted that they could spend more than P10,000 for souvenirs alone.

“Overall, the average expenditures spent by the respondents varied from the different variables yet, the gathered data may not reflect accurately the average daily expenditures as visitors may have spent disproportionally more on the next to their last day of vacation,” the survey stated.

The tourists polled had an average stay of four nights, with 70.44% of them staying in hotels. Majority of them went to the city for vacation while the others stayed for official or government mission.

About 16% shared that they went to the city to attend the Kadayawan festival.

City tourism officer Maria Felisa C. Marques told the reporters yesterday in an interview that the results of the survey were presented during the meeting of the Executive Committee last month. It was dubbed as “28th Kadayawan 2013 Exit Survey of Visitors from Davao City.”

She said they were glad on the results particularly when most of the respondents graded the security in the city as “excellent.” The respondents were also “very satisfied” during their stay in the city with its scenic beauty, clean environment, good peace and order situation.

At least 99.78% indicated that they were very likely to return to the city.

source: The Mindanao Times


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