So, don’t be surprised if you meet someone in this city who tells you that it’s safe to walk around here because “Davao is much safer than New York”. http://www.pna.gov.ph/index.php?idn=10&sid=&nid=10&rid=412788




  1. nalulungkot lang ako, bakit etong Digos nahuhuli sa development ng buong Davao region samantala maganda ang location niya nasa gitna siya ng two highly urbanize city, Davao and Gen. Santos, is it because mga corupt ang mga opisyal dito? hindi nagkakaisa? o di kaya mga bobo sila. nakakalungkot e, wala traffic light, wala road island at iisa kalye lang busy. wake up mga politico dyan! gusto nyo ba umunlad ang lugar nyo?

  2. I think davao city government should upgrade its sidewalks with in the city. It seems for me these import basic infrustructure should be given a budgets.Tourist who wants to come will indeed will experience the flavor what our city can offer.
    J.P. laurel ave. becoming conjested, I think they have to do something so that it will not damage our campaign as davao life is here. And For all the gas stations in the city should also open-up their toilets for the publics and tourist since we don’t have the support infrustructure from the government.
    The city road network, should also given emphasis by putting center island
    and metal railing on the road to discourage people to cross anywhere.
    These simple infrustructure would help our city as the most livable in asia.

  3. For those of you that don’t know America like those of us that come from America….. Saying it is safer to walk around Davao City than in New York is like saying it is safer to walk around Makati than Queson City. Or it is safer to walk around Chicago then Los Angeles.

    I agree with Paul. updating infrastructure is always a good thing and a positive move towards a more attractive city and place tourist will want to come. Poor control of traffic, poor roadways, no parking, and wires hanging throughout the city are very unattractive things to travelers no matter where they come from.

    Small things as well as big things like the threat of kidnappings, killings, warnings from tourist home countries are just as important to the future of the Philippines let alone Davao City itself. Small but important things like clean restrooms (CRs) with toilet seats, toilet paper in each stall and most important, that they are clean unlike those found in every mall here in Davao City except Abreeza. Even government buildings are disgusting in comparable to major and not major cities around the world are shocking to Americans and Europeans alike.

    Don’t believe me? Visit the immigration building in front of Victoria Plaza. Take a general look inside at the seating, lack of AC and try not to throw up when entering the men’s restroom.

    Davao City and the Philippines in general has so much to offer the world (one day) with all of it’s beautiful people, places and wildlife. It is a shame those that can make a real difference care only about putting more money in their pockets. Don’t hide your beauty. No matter if the Filipino is dark skinned or light skinned, poor or well to do. They can all be beautiful and inviting to tourist no matter where they are coming from. America has been where the Philippines is now many years ago. Try not to be angry at what you know to be true or the messenger that speaks these truths. It is what it is no matter who speaks the truth or takes pictures and writes about it.

    We all can improve the Philippines no matter what country or nationality we come from. Davao City is the 8th richest city in the Philippines. A 3 billion peso port will enrich many and is needed but what about the general infrastructure? So many more average Filipinos will benefit by improving our surroundings. Teach your kids that killing is so horrendous that it should not be tolerated. Even using the word (kill) in anger only as a phrase or manor of speak should be frowned upon. Follow rule. A great society can’t stand without rules. Everyone loves America because of it’s many rules. Life has order there. Children are taught from babies that all rule are important, like walking on the right in public places. Driving on the right and respect those that occupy the lane they are driving in.

    I could go on but I think intelligent people understand what I am saying. It is not too late for the Philippines if we believe life can be and should be better for all.

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