Centered on Peace, Unity, and Economic Prosperity, citizens of Davao should promote the city and the region as one dynamic land, rising in the midst of false skepticisms and criticisims! ONE PEOPLE, ONE LAND, ONE DAVAO! ^_^



  1. ONE PEOPLE, ONE LAND, ONE DAVAO is a great concept but this wonderful City is missing out on the tourist $$$ big time ! .

    I think Davao City needs to take some of the criticisms on board before it even starts to become a tourist destination , take for example the beautiful Island of Samal which is very close to Davao but most of it’s best beaches are only accessible to those who can pay to enter the resorts that have fenced ‘their’ section of the beach , maybe it would be better if all of the beaches had public access and those that wished to use the facilities of the resorts could choose to do so ! .

    Davao City has an International Airport capable of accepting Airplanes as big as the 747 Jumbo jet but no direct flights from any major hub airport like Bangkok or Kuala Lumpa for example , sometimes the waiting time in Manila can put off prospective Foreign tourists from coming this far south .

    Take a look at Bangkok airport and see the vast amount of travelers that are arriving and departing from other Asian Countries , and I am not just talking about western tourists many Asian tourists are now traveling to other destinations within Asia for recreational purposes , this is a huge market that Davao could and should tap in to .

    One of the major plus points for Foreign visitor to not only Davao but the Philippines as a whole is the ease of entering the Country with a 21 day VOA (Visa on arrival) and the option and ease of extending to 59 days which for the Western traveler is a real treasure and could be promoted as such .

    Now we come to the food side of things ! I have lived in Asia for almost 4 years now and am quite happy eating rice and chicken , however most westerners would like to see more variety and more appealing dishes on the menu and I don’t mean just western style dishes .

    Most of the dishes found here are very unhealthy containing far too much sugar and salt not to mention the fatty cuts of meat commonly used , and lets not even begin to talk about some of the ‘scary’ foods that are on the menu here ! So come on you great chefs of Davao , be creative and diversify ! .

    As I said earlier bringing in more tourists from other countries would bring the tourist $$$ thus creating more wealth , jobs and opportunities for the People of Davao , look around you and count how many foreign tourists you see in one day or one week even and ask yourselves this question ‘what can Davao do to attract more’.

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  3. Thanks for posting your observation, that will be a good start to rectify things where we miss. But there’s still yet a lot to be done considering the infrastructures of Davao City is in dire need to be upgraded in order to attract more investments and tourists.

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