DAVAO CITY — The office of the Department of Agriculture in the Davao Region will start using the old Davao airport terminal in Sasa, some 10 kilometers from the city proper, as a food cargo facility before the end of the year.

Rogelio C. Chio, Agriculture regional director, said President Gloria M. Arroyo will lead the inauguration of the new facility this September this year.

“This is a purely government effort [for now],” he said, adding that his office is willing to dialogue with the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. for its possible participation in this project.




  1. July 23, 2009

    A Feasibility Study, especially for the long-vacated old Davao Airport, requires that all criteria are met for a project, otherwise the plan should be abandoned. Desirability in all aspects is among the foremost of these criteria. The place is too big for the handling of food cargo. I have a better suggestion below.

    This latest proposal is the same as the proposal in July last year, namely, the cargo terminal, logistics and trade center, which was scrapped. This proposal will be scrapped again.

    Large places are the concern and study of Urban Planners and specialized architects; maybe it is only me who realized the real next use of this important facility: When I visited the place on March 22, 2007, it dawned on me that place has precisely the aura, atmosphere and character of aeronautics specialty colleges like Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach, Florida; Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology located in Saint Louis, Missouri; and the former Northrop University near Los Angeles International Airport. Current Philippine aero schools are a far cry from these quality U.S. aeronautics specialty colleges. Our government continually neglected quality aeronautics education for our aviation youth. The time is ripe to establish genuine Philippine aeronautics: Wright Brothers’ first successful powered flight was on December 17, 1903. And there’s not one quality aeronautics specialty college in our county, Philippines, right to the present time.

    My most realistic proposal (the ultimate best) for the old Davao Airport is an AERONAUTICS SPECIALTY STATE COLLEGE named the (“Daedalus”) DAEDALVS, The Davao Aeronautical Technological School (after the Greek Mythology of “Daedalus and Icarus”) as the next occupant of this long-vacated facility. I have already made 7 perfected aeronautics-related curriculums for the school; courses that I deem (after much thought) to be the most fitting for a start up quality aero specialty college.

    These are (B.S., Bachelor of Science):

    1. B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering
    2. B.S. in Aircraft Engineering Technology [practical engineer]
    3. B.S. in Avionics Engineering Technology [programs]
    4. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering
    5. B.S. in Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering (6 years; Dual Degree Program in Mech. Eng. and Aero Eng.; just like those offered in many U.S. aerospace schools)
    6. B.S. in Aircraft Systems Maintenance
    7. B.S. in Aviation Business Administration (4 years)

    I worked on my curriculums, specially the base BSAE curriculum for a very long time before working on my other curriculums, many not listed here. And I am willing to provide these curriculums to the coming state college free.

    If anyone out there is interested in joining me in my cause, please contact me by e-mail at d.delgra@yahoo.com. Thank you.

    Truly yours,

    Engr. Darvin Delgra, BSME (University of San Carlos, Cebu City)
    MSAeroE grad Student, California State University, Long Beach
    On extended/ expired leave from 1999-2000.
    E-mail: d.delgra@yahoo.com

  2. i prefer for it to be used as domestic terminal 1.. tapos yung existng one would be the internatonal terminal 2.. pero i dont think its feasible pa ano? any comment on this?

  3. July 26, 2009

    My scheme proposed to establish my suggested AERONAUTICS SPECIALTY STATE COLLEGE is to request the sponsorship of the MANNY PACQUIAO FOUNDATION to finance the starting funds for the school. This is our most realistic option. This quality new aero college should not be just the same as the existing aero colleges in the Philippines like PATS, FEATI, CATS and MATS, etc.

    We should ask the Manny Pacquiao Foundation to be willing to finance the imported faculty from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach, Florida, I suggested in my necessarily long discussions in my responses to Davao Hive’s November 2008 coverage on the old Davao Airport – about the BPO Call Center Facility proposal by Councilor Peter Lavina.

    To recapitulate it here: My proposal is to hire imported faculty from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. They will teach only for 3 years when the upper-division major subjects will be then offered, after that our first graduates will take over. The rest needed are state-of-the-art aerospace books and imported aero-laboratories equipment for the Aero Eng. Dept. and also aeronautics-related books and other laboratories equipment for the the other Departments.

    I tried to perfect my schemes for my proposed school such as the minimal number of offices and support-activity operations needed for a start-up school.

    I hope that those in authority over the airport will finally heed my proposal suggestions as I did so many correspondences to them including those key people – politicians, etc. in Manila. I think those in position to give non-viable non-aviation/airport related proposals for the airport are running out of ideas on how to utilize the old airport.

    Only an AERONAUTICS SPECIALTY STATE COLLEGE is the fitting next occupant of the old Davao Airport.

    Darvin Delgra

  4. July 26, 2009

    The name of my proposed AERONAUTICS SPECIALTY STATE COLLEGE is (“Daedalus”) DAEDALVS, The Davao Aeronautical Technological School. Instead of “DATS” it is called “Daedalus.” “Daedalus” is from the Greek Mythology of “Daedalus and Icarus.” See Internet. The “V” in “DAEDALVS” is Latin spelling. Again, see Internet.

    I got my school’s name from CATS or Cebu Aeronautical Technical School. And my school name’s style from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey which is unique in the whole world, as I knew so far.


  5. sir id like to study BSAE. and i am already RME whats school can you advice for me to proceed on my career since this college is just a proposal then?and i am interested in this: B.S. in Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering (6 years; Dual Degree Program in Mech. Eng. and Aero Eng.; just like those offered in many U.S. aerospace schools) i hope you could help me ASAP please.09298230180

  6. May 2, 2013

    Dear Adam (who wrote the message above),

    Please give me your e-mail address and I will send you information. Meanwhile, you can read my discussions in my webpage “Dreams of Darvin Anthony Delgra of a MODERN Philippine Aeronautics” at http://www.scribd.com.

    Engr. Darvin Delgra
    E-mail: d.delgra0776@yahoo.com

  7. The clueless Davao City Council entertained non-viable non-airport/non-aviation proposals from the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. (DCCCII) – lots of them, all failed schemes. While the new Education Committee chair (at that time, September 9, 2010), rejected my message for the 2nd committee hearing that I requested (and hurriedly terminated the hearing which did not last 15 minutes – I did not expect certain politicians can be so insincere and uncaring/ insensitive and clueless, etc.). My concern is for the neighboring 7-hectare heretofore vacant lot that is now occupied (half of it) by the CITI Hardware-Davao by building a big new warehouse at the site. This lot is excellent as part of my proposal for an athletic field and parade grounds for the school. (There are still left small lots near the runway that is good for a small athletic field and parade grounds for the “Daedalus,” The Davao Aeronautical Institute of Technology, my proposed AERO (PUBLIC) State College or (LOCAL) CITY College for the City of Davao – with an adequate size like the current small athletic field and parade grounds at the University of Southeastern Philippines, Barrio Obrero, Davao City campus.) My U.S.-par (at least in some or certain very important respects) aero public college proposal is an idea whose time has come. There are really ABSOLUTELY NO OTHER PROPOSALS that will work for the Old Davao Airport. I bet time will go on indefinitely and those in-power, key people over the airport will NEVER FIND any viable next-use applications of the location unless they will consider my ONLY-VIABLE PROPOSAL of an aeronautics specialty public college. May the good Lord God in Jesus lead them to find my writings and discussions in the Internet. May God in Jesus bless the Philippines.

    Engr. Darvin Delgra, BSME, MSAE grad student (CSU, Long Beach; on extended/ expired leave from 1999-2000 when I finished 1-year of my BSAE Deficiency-removal Plan in my MSAE Degree Program)

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