List of stores/stations proudly DAVAO-BASED with branches recognized NATIONWIDE:


2. PHOENIX PETROLEUM PHILIPPINES (Gas Stations / Petroleum Industry)
3. BLUGRE CAFE (Food and Beverage Industry: Coffee Shops)
4. PANADERIA BAKESHOP (Food and Beverage Industry: Bread House)
5. BANOKS BARBEQUE RESTAURANT (Food and Beverage Industry: Barbeque House)
6. CITI HARDWARE (Hardware Store)
7. EMCOR PHILIPPINES (Appliance Center)
9. ONE NETWORK BANK (Rural Banking Industry)


22 thoughts on “List of stores/stations proudly DAVAO-BASED with branches recognized NATIONWIDE:”

  1. i think Holiday Gym and Spa which is known nationwide is also davao-based. i think they also own the u/c Holiday Ocean View Samal Hotel Resort, Holidays Taxis nationwide, and Davao’s The Venue Compound. 🙂

  2. phoenix gas stations are mushrooming everyday! recenty it opened in Cebu City, its first outlet in visayas! cool! congratulations to the owner of it!

  3. NCCC Mall Business is also booming! its currently renovating its NCCC Centerpoint Mall! the shopping industry in davao is very bullish! it is indeed positioning itself as the next shopping mecca of the south!

  4. NCCC Malls:

    1. NCCC Mall of Davao (Davao City)
    2. NCCC Centerpoint Mall (Davao City)
    3. NCCC Main Mall (Davao City)
    4. NCCC Mall Tagum (Tagum City)
    5. NCCC Mall Palawan (Puerto Princesa City)


    1. NCCC Mall Lanang (Davao City)
    2. NCCC Mall Digos (Digos City)
    3. NCCC Mall Mati (Mati City)


    1. DAMOSA IT Park (The Gateway Mall)
    2. Robinson’s Cybergate Davao IT Building
    3. Riverfront Corporate City
    4. Pryce Business Park
    5. Landco Corporate Center & IT Building


    1. Ayala Business Park
    2. SM IT Park
    3. NCCC Mall Pavilion & IT Building

  6. i was in gen san city and i saw how big ng Robinson’s Place Gensan! ang pangit ng sa Davao city! parang strip mall lang! the robinsons management should be ashamed! their mall plan in davao city has been criticized several times na kasi ang liit..

  7. currently, Samal is undertaking its Economic Zone Proposal.. it would be great if it will be approved by President Aroyyo once the bill would be sent to her, 🙂

    1. chip tsao is a jerk. he is a person who doesn’t deserve to be recognized with a respecttable reputation. A racist should not be given any position and place here on earth.

  8. Davao’s products and services really has the capacity and ability to outgrow and be used nationwide. it’s great to promote such pride

  9. Posh dev’t project to rise in city’s northern eco-hub

    CAMELLA Communities Davao, subsidiary of the country’s biggest homebuilder Vistaland and Lifescapes, is eyeing the northern part of Davao City for the location of their new high-end project.

    The masterplanned developer sees opportunities in the growth of the city’s northern economic hub with the ongoing development of modern office facilities catering to the BPO industry and other businesses, as well as high-end commercial and shopping centers.

    “We intend to provide Davao the opportunity to be part of this vibrant economic and social environment by giving them a residential location within the city’s emerging urban enclave,” declared Marlon Escalicas, Camella Communities Davao general manager.

    As the ongoing developments cater to the local and regional market, the city’s professional workforce, business people from local and international outsourcing companies, and the projected influx of local and foreign investors, Camella foresees the need for modern residential facilities to house these economic and commercial movers who will want to locate right where the action is.

    “A modern residential location equipped with all the facilities and amenities needed for a comfortable, convenient and active lifestyle is what we are looking to develop. It will be the first of its kind in the northern part of Davao, and will come with many more enhanced features that will give its homeowners the ultimate modern lifestyle,” said Escalicas.

    He added that their new project will not only be an addition to Davao’s urban development. It will be different in that the natural environs of the location will be preserved and even enhanced in respect to Mother Nature, he said.

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