Davao New (great) chocolate added to Askinosie lineup

Askinosie’s new chocolate

Our favorite chocolate of 2008 just gained a new sibling. Askinosie, a socially responsible Missouri company that specializes in single-origin chocolates, has just announced its latest bar: 77 percent dark chocolate from Davao, Philippines. We already bit into a sample: The chocolate melts slowly, taking on a nut-butter quality in the mouth; it’s an honest, earthy confection that is both rich and intense. Look for it soon at Blue Apron Foods in Brooklyn, or order online.

Davao tourism: 700-Davao or 700-32826.


~ by davaohive101 on March 7, 2009.

6 Responses to “Davao New (great) chocolate added to Askinosie lineup”

  1. is it available in the local market a;ready?

  2. is it available in the local market already?

  3. i think its not yet in the market. its not even sold yet online..but i hope we can have a taste of it so we can taste davao 🙂

  4. nice promotion for davao..at least there is a chocolate named after our city.. and sold abroad!

  5. what does this look like? do you have any photos on the chocolate? hmmm 🙂

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