Admirex Solutions, an Australian based call center, to operate in Davao City

ANOTHER call center company is expected to open in Davao City before the year ends.In an interview Tuesday, Bert Barriga, vice-president of the ICT Davao Inc., said the chief executive officer (CEO) of the Admirex, is scheduled to visit the city next week to officially announce the company’s decision to open here.

Admirex, an Australian-based company that operates a call center in Makati City, will initially open 200 seats for call center agents.

“They are eyeing a property within the city where they can have their operations,” he said. Barriga said the investment that the Admirex has poured into its operations here is quite significant, but he failed to provide figures.

“Admirex will be the seventh in the list of big call centers considering Davao. Its branch here will also be the first outside Metro Manila,” Barriga said.

Aside from Admirex, another call center company, the HCL India, also plans to open in Davao within the year.
But Barriga said HCL India’s decision to operate in the city is still tentative because it is also looking at Cebu for their operations.

Barriga also revealed that another three call center companies are also considering Davao City for its BPO expansion next year.

“For the first quarter next year, we are targeting three call centers to enter the city. These are companies based in the US, Canada and India,” Barriga said.

Barriga said that Davao, which is considered as one of the best BPO destinations in the world, offers the cheapest power rates, as compared to Manila, Cebu, Baguio and Iloilo. (JGRS)


5 thoughts on “Admirex Solutions, an Australian based call center, to operate in Davao City”

  1. just got a call from a certain cecille santos from admirex solutions… i also needed to be clarified with my issue and i needed some refference number for the conversation. The agent just raised her voice and was very rude she then intentionally disconnected the call while i was still talking.
    i understand she is from a collections account but i need not be yelled at!

    call center agents with such attitude should not exist!!

  2. yeah! i’ve experienced the same thing as ms jen rivera.. a certain rj paulino from this company yelled at me in the middle of our conversation… he’s also mentioning some attorney’s name on his behalf… he was soooo rude… i wonder how this company train their agents to achieve such degree of rudeness.. these kind of company having difficult agents should be banned…

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