SM City North Davao to rise in Davao City in 2010

It’s confirmed, SM Prime Holdings, the largest mall developer in the Philippines included in their list of future malls the planned SM City North Davao. It is SM’s second mall in Davao City and is expected to open in 2010.

Though no press release has yet been made, it is very apparent that the former 33-hectare Lanang Golf and Country Club is now being restructured. This was recently bought by Taipan Henry Sy and will be the site for the future Mall.

It is twice the size of SM City Davao which only has a land area of 132,000sq.m. and Gross floor area of 75,440 sq.m.; the SM City North Davao will be erected within the land area of 640,000sq.m. and the mall itself will have a Gross floor area of 175,000sq.m.

So we are not just expecting Gaisano Mall of Davao’s (P1 Billion) Expansion Project (2008), Ayala Center Davao to be known as Abreeza Mall (2010), and Robinson’s Cybergate Davao (2009) to open but also SM City North Davao (2010). Whoop! whoop!


30 thoughts on “SM City North Davao to rise in Davao City in 2010”

  1. you know what, the shopping industry in davao is booming talaga and you are correct when you said that there is really unprecedented growth here..people just dont recognize it kasi nga nasa mindanao tayo..hmp! anyways, i think its high time that we recognize davao as the new SHOPPING MECCA of the Philippines! il help you post the existing major and minor malls here in davao city,,sooo many na

  2. so its true pala na meron talagang 2nd SM mall ang davao, and its great kasi more than twice the size of the first one! sana matuloy yan tapos earlier ma open… im getting more excited kasi daming malls ang expected mag open!

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  5. ai grabe na toh! unlad na talaga ang davao kumpara dati….

    kaso pag si mayor duterte wla na sa puwesto niya ngayon 2010….

    baka wala nang mayor na katulad niyang magaling mag handle ng davao….

    at wala na rin peace and order siguro dito sa davao kung sakali….

    lalabas na mga holdaper hahahaha….

    sana naman hindi mag kaganun….

    more malls pa sana….

    balita ko sa mintal, calinan at toril eh soon may mall na din….

    and i hope na sana yung bridge between samal to davao maumpisanhan na para naman madaling makapunta ng beach sa samal….

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  7. sana twice as big as mall of asia and sm cebu ang ilagay nla na sm north davao hehe..and hoping for new stores naman para di mag sawa..

  8. DM Consunji will construct SM North Davao and boy…this will finish ahead of schedule.Also plannig to build a light rail system and improve drainage system.

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