New Resort Hotel rises in Samal

LANDCO Pacific Corporation, the country’s leading leisure estate developer, launched its latest project in Davao Region, the Playa Azalea to be developed within the 31-hectare property owned by the Floirendos in the Island Garden City of Samal.

Playa Azalea will be a beachside community with 800 units for sale. Part of the property will be a hotel and resort. 

“One of the biggest assets of Playa Azalea is the 400 meter stretch of beachfront,” Francis Ceballos, Landco’s executive vice president and chief operating officer, said in an interview with Sun.Star Davao. Ceballos said that at least P500 million will be poured in for the residential aspect of the development.

“There will be four clusters; three hilltop clusters and a beachside cluster for the residential areas,” he said. Ceballos added that there will be 800 residential units with lot areas varying from 350 square meters to 500 square meters.

“Prices will be most likely P1.2 million and up per unit,” Ceballos said.

Turnover of the units is expected within the next four to five years. Playa Azalea is a concoction of two Spanish words, which means beachside and a delicate flower.


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