Davao-Samal bridge project starts soon

THE longtime goal of connecting Davao City and the Island Garden City of Samal (Igacos) through a bridge is finally going to be realized.
“We will immediately start construction after the feasibility study is completed. That would take about three months,” Faisal Kasim, Chief Executive Officer of the MCC Capital Projects (MCCCP) Ltd. of UK, the financial institution that will invest on the bridge project, said in a press conference Thursday evening.

 Kasim added that the bridge would cost around 120 million dollars and MCCCP would extend the financial assistance to Igacos in terms of a no-interest loan payable in 30 years. A leeway of 5 years will be given to Igacos from the completion of the project to start paying its loan.

“We carried out the feasibility study at our own cost. What we ask is the chance to develop commercial communities and opportunities in the island itself,” Kasim said.
For their commercial pursuits, Kasim said they are eyeing a hotel investment as well as the establishment of a convention center in the island. “We aim to have these structures blend with the island and not stick out as a sore thumb,” Kasim said.
Igacos Administrator Cleto Gales Jr. was also quick to add that even with the influx of development that may be brought about by the bridge construction, they are committed to preserving a big portion of the island. “We will only have 20 percent of the island as built-up areas or those that can be developed. Eighty percent will remain as it is. We also have established 15 Marine Protected Areas that are off-limits to any kind of development,” Gales said.

“If we will not preserve our natural endowments, then we will no longer be deserving of being called the island garden city,” Gales added.

Former Igacos Mayor Rogelio Antalan, under whose term the bridge was first proposed, said they are hoping to convince the Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC) to issue an order to have ships currently passing in front of the island to pass at the back portion.

“We are hoping to construct a bridge with at least a 25 meter-distance from the water level. This will be from Kilometer 10 in Sasa, Davao City to Babak in Igacos,” Antalan said.


21 thoughts on “Davao-Samal bridge project starts soon”

  1. as an added info this will be a suspension bridge same with San Fracisco Bridge… cool no! hope this will really be pushed thru! 🙂

  2. u know what, some are opposing this landmark for davao since for some politicians, they would prefer other projects rather than the bridge..but in my opinion..the bridge is the focal infra for the boosting of government infra developmnents in samal! diba? ahay nalang…

  3. Davao-samal bridge project should start soon, so that the developement of the igacos will move on.
    Im fr Davao city, but i want the igacos to be prosper and be developed.
    And also the Davao light railways should be soon to start also
    i want Davao to be the most beautiful city in the phil

  4. how sad, i thought after 3 months of feasibility study, the construction of the bridge will immediately follow, until now, there’s no new that abounds this news.

  5. I really hope it will start soon. So that the developments in Davao City will extend to IGACOS. Another is that it will be easier for the people to go to IGACOS and back to Davao City and vice versa.

  6. What the latest development of the feasibility study???? Hope this is not another promise broken . If realize , it’s a landmark in Davao and Mindanao. This would unload the burden of the populace in Igacos and Davao to a much safer and convenient crossing thus promoting tourism and economic growth.

  7. asa n dapit nnu? cge tabngan tka ug apilun nlng n2 inyong tukod s balay, kung kulangon manghagbas n lng t ug kawayan s tugbok!

  8. The bridge should be constructed as soon as possible to make Igacos accessible by land from Davao City. It will then boost the economy of the region.

  9. hi jun,
    florencio gumba here, iv just read such an astounding breakthrough that would shoot the best future of our island. i’m very excited and so happy to know this project. i expect more investors and tourists from around the globe to hover the city. keep on we are here to support you. God bless…

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